The Stepladder Method to More Helpful Thoughts

I was reading a fabulous book by my friend and colleague Rucsandra Mitrea called You Don't Have to Live in Pain: Five Strategies to Help Reduce Your Chronic Pain Right Now.Her book offers practical tools to shift your thinking...

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Albert Einstein

“I must be willing to give up what I am, in order to become what I will be.” – Albert Einstein

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Stop Saying You’re Sorry

No kidding.  It doesn’t do what you think it does. Let me be clear—when you make a mistake and hurt someone or inconvenience them—apologize.  Mistakes happen, and it is important to tell the person you distressed that you understand your actions affect them.  I’m all...

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Seven Tips for How to Have a Fight

I just had what could have been a very painful conversation with a good friend of mine.  It could have been, but it wasn’t.  At one point she stopped and said, “This is going a LOT better than I expected.”  I wholeheartedly, and with no small amount of relief, agreed....

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More Peace, Less Suffering, One Thought at a Time

Dr. Bolte Taylor’s “My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey.” shows us, from a scientist’s perspective, how we shape our reality with our thoughts. One of the most interesting facts the author shared is….

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