An Ode to Therapy

The experience of another human being sharing their life and allowing me to witness their vulnerability, brings me into the sacredness of being present with another human being.

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“If you don’t go into the darkness, you can’t see the beauty that lies there.” Chris Hadfield, Astronaut

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Therapy is Strange

Therapy is Strange My client stated, as he walked out my door, “It will be good.” I responded “You don’t know that.” He countered “You’re right” and we laughed. I reflected, as I shut my office door, “Therapy is strange.” You see, that was a therapeutic moment…that...

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Increase Your Ability to Connect with People

Do you want to increase your ability to connect with people? Do you want to be able to experience true intimacy with others? Julie de Azevedo Hanks, PhD has written a book to help you to do just that. In her book, “The Assertiveness Guide for...

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