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Connect to yourself, others, and life.

Dr. Jane Tornatore

A therapist and speaker in Seattle, WA, I passionately support people as they convert old, outdated patterns and unnecessary stress into more freedom, joy and authenticity.


You’ll find Dr. Tornatore’s approach particularly effective when you:
  • Know it’s time to live up to your dreams.
  • Are ready to transform stress, depression, anxiety and perceived safety into peace, freedom, joy and aliveness.
  • Desire to embrace the person you always knew you could be, as you release your limiting beliefs and patterns.
  • Are eager to find freedom to live your life, not one dictated by expectations of others.
  • Aim to replace a fear of change with an embrace of curiosity, confidence and accountability.
  • Are tired of feeling stuck behind a mask in an attempt to be liked.
  • Want life to be a little less work – and a lot more fun – because you’re gentler with yourself, trust yourself, and love yourself more than you thought possible.
  • Wish to resolve internal or external conflict as an individual or a family member.
  • Are facing aging issues or have a family member with memory problems, including Dementia’s such as Alzheimer’s.
When I came in all I saw was closed doors. Now I see an open door, and I have hope.
Client Testimonial

This powerful group is helping me to hold a healthy and positive vision of myself in later years, replacing the fear-based one I’ve carried for so long. Wow! Thank you!
Support Group Client

The feedback was incredible already! One of our residents immediately came to my office and said you were the best—you have to come back. Wow, great, great, great!
Jennifer Creagan

Overlake Terrace

Your actions are your only possessions. – Lao Tse

What to Expect

Step 1

We meet, talk and decide if we’re a good fit. If we are, we’ll dedicate ourselves to truth seeking, identifying your top goals, and setting a plan to reach them. That way, you’ll make more progress in less time – along with more focus and peace of mind.

Step 2

We create a sense of safety and trust so real change can occur.

Step 3

We explore and shift the core of what has been holding you back so you can more fully engage in life.

Step 4

You receive significant, ongoing support as you move through the process of transforming thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and old patterns.

Step 5

Once you have made the changes you desire, you’ll be more capable of consistently responding to life from your new state of awareness.

Faith is walking to the edge of all you have and taking one more step. – Anonymous

Groups & Workshops:

The mother-daughter relationship is a special bond but there are often strong, complicated emotions underlying the ties. Join Carin Mack, MSW and Dr. Tornatore in this support group to address the issues that can arise that are unique to this caregiving role. This group is open to all women who are involved in providing support for their mothers in their homes, in facilities, or long distance.

This is a drop-in group that meets from 4-5:30 pm, the first Wednesday of the month, except August.

Call the Greenwood Senior Center at 206-297-0875 to register or socialwkr@earthlink.net.

I would recommend Jane’s group to every woman. She brings up very deep issues that are worth looking at and sharing in a supportive group. I felt very safe in this group because of the skill Jane brought to it. I would even take this class again.
Client Testimonial

This powerful group is helping me to hold a healthy and positive vision of myself in later years, replacing the fear-based one I’ve carried for so long. Wow! Thank you!
Client Testimonial

Are You Ready for a Change?

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