Jane Tornatore PhD, LMFT

Connect to yourself, others, and life.

Feeling stuck? Stressed out?
Is it hard for you to make
positive changes?

Get on the path to change your thought patterns, so you can align with who you actually are.

Learn simple tools that will make your mind your ally instead of your enemy.

Buy this book, get comfy, and give yourself a chance to receive the self-compassion that will make your life better.

You can live the life you most desire by transforming old patterns and beliefs into freedom, joy and authenticity.

In working with Dr. Jane Tornatore, you’ll experience a supportive, compassionate environment. We’ll explore your current mindset…and as we clarify what you want, you’ll create new and more powerful ways to engage in the world. You’ll better understand the core of who you truly are – so you can grow beyond what others think you “should” be – and find more inner peace and contentment.

Dr. Tornatore

Is a therapist and speaker based in Seattle, WA, Jane BG Tornatore draws on her extensive professional training and wide-ranging life experiences to help clients convert old, outdated patterns and unnecessary stress into authenticity and wisdom.

Her style

Incorporates compassion, curiosity, deep listening, and heartfelt optimism, along with powerful shots of playfulness.

Both local and national audiences rave about her engaging workshops on improving brain health, boosting memory, reducing stress and living more effectively with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Tornatore is experienced, well prepared, calm and encouraging. From the initial encounter she provided support, hope, tools, guidance and options to go beyond a self-imposed dead end. She is very effective in promoting the self-initiative to return to a state of interest in exploring and enjoying life.
Client Testimonial

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There are so many speakers who know their subject but really can’t engage their audience. You certainly did. We’re just tabulating the feedback now and I’m sure you’ll be top rated.
David Lawrence

CEO, Family Resource Home Care

More Workshop Sponsor

This course provided many techniques and helpful ideas. I have already been using several new approaches on a regular basis. Thank you.
Workshop Participant

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Faith is walking to the edge of all you have and taking one more step...

Jane Tornatore PhD, LMFT
Connect to yourself, others, and life.

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