One of the health practitioners I most trust to help my clients with their anxiety and depression is Kristen Allott, ND.

I have known Dr Allott, followed her work, and sent clients to her almost since I began my practice 15 years ago.  I regularly use her suggestions to help my clients change their eating to reduce their anxiety. 

Now she and Natasha Duarte have written a book so they knowledge she gives to her clients is available to anyone!  Yay! 

Fuel Your Brain, Not Your Anxiety:  Stop the Cycle of Worry, Fatigue & Sugar Cravings with Simple Protein-Rich Foods is a well-written, easy to understand book that WILL help you improve your mental health.

The description of the brain and how food affects it makes it easier to make healthier choices for your mental health.  I have changed my eating habits since I read this book for healthier sleep. 

Among many other things you’ll learn: 

  • How our food choices contribute to anxiety, worry, and fatigue
  • How a history of trauma affects how your brain responds to adrenaline
  • Why moving makes us think better
  • 30 second exercises to increase your energy

I am so excited that Kris and Natasha have created this book that will help so many people.  You can save 20% by using the code FUEL21 during the month of February when you order their book through New Harbinger’s website at

Take care,

Dr. Jane Tornatore

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