A lovely poem from a wise friend of mine. May we all know the truth of these words.


As Cassandra knew,
Seeing someone’s future
is no more useful
than seeing someone’s problem —
You can’t tell them about it
Can’t get them to believe, or to reform

It shouldn’t be surprising —
No one else is different from ourselves
And we have always found
these resolutions to reform
to be contrary escalators
Plunging downward
much more rapidly
than we can rise.

Close your eyes
The winter sun that sparkles on the water
Still flickers, strobe-like, underneath your lids
The light still loves you,
Still knows how to touch
each dream that you, from fear of failure, hid
Your truth still owns you, and it knows
how every part of you is put together
Already worthy, cherished, ever whole
Not needing harsh reform to make you better
No need to reinvent yourself, no way to fall
And as it is with us
it is with all.

©Wendy Mulhern
January 1, 2013

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