I’ve been thinking a lot about what gives life meaning. For me, friendship and experiences help remind me of what is valuable.

Last week I introduced two (way cool) friends of mine, and we had a delightful conversation that covered a myriad of topics. Then I trotted over to a concert by Peter Himmelman http://www.peterhimmelman.com/home.html who I’ve been seeing in concert for at least 15 years. Every concert is different and, funnily enough, most of his songs are about what makes life meaningful.

I’ve been talking with some clients about the power we have to choose the focus of our thoughts. There are many things I would like to have in my life that are not currently part of it. I could absolutely focus on those, and see all I am missing.

I could also choose to focus on all the aspects of my life that make it rich. There are many, both big and small. Nights like the one I mentioned above make that choice effortless.

We always have the choice to see the good in any situation, even when it is not so easy. I think the trick is to understand we have the option. Just as important, though, is the ability to have compassion for ourselves when we don’t make the choice to see the positive.

Compassion, though, will make future choices a little bit easier, I promise.

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