Crying is powerful. When we cry we release. We release our fears, our sorrow, our anger, our beliefs that hold us back.

I am in the uniquely wonderful position of witnessing the healing qualities of crying. So many of us are taught not to cry in front of others (or at all); we apologize and hide our face. We are afraid we are weak and look ugly when we express our pain. Who came up with that silly idea?

The idea that something so natural and cleansing looks unattractive and is weak is, simply put, wacky.

I say let’s embrace the grace and release that crying brings. If we could all cry to let go our emotions when we feel them, instead of stuffing them in and holding them in our body, we would be so much healthier and content.

So, the next time someone cries in front of you, consider thanking them for their bravery. Even better, next time you cry, thank yourself for your courage.

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