Lately, there have been numerous “endings” in my life, and in the lives of those near to me. Many of those “endings” were break-ups of relationships.

I’ve noticed when a relationship ends, we tend to globalize its meaning. A single break-up confirms why all our other relationships didn’t work out, *and* it confirms that all our future partnerships will similarly “fail.” Our present grief infuses our past and our future. Frankly, that is a lot to place on one event. It is no wonder break-ups are so miserable!

I wonder how our lives would be different if we chose to keep the scope of an event to *that event.* What if, instead of seeing misery extended through-out our life, we would salve our hurt, learn our lessons, and let go?

I’m not proposing that we experience no pain, or hurt, or loss. Frankly, that would be silly; those feelings are natural responses to an ending. What I am proposing is to fully feel our grief, and to take advantage of that moment of vulnerability to go deeper inside ourselves, to find the learning–and the possibilities–that end began.

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