Let me tell you why I say that.

Today I “processed” out of a group for women who are business owners (run by Mikelann Valterra http://www.womenearning.com/). I have been part of the group for almost three years. I have received many gifts from taking part in that group of women. I am sad to leave, and it is time.

One of the reasons I started my groups for women over 40 who never had kids was because of the power of Mikelann’s group. Being in a community of women with whom I can share my fears, struggles, enthusiasm, and successes is powerful.

Many of my clients feel they are alone in their struggles. Groups help us see there are kindred souls sharing our journey through this magical, and sometimes mystifying life.

So why do I say groups are wonderful things to leave?

Two reasons–First, in the conscious process of deciding to leave, we realize how much we have learned over the time of our participation. We come to see the value of our time, effort, and energy. Second, we can hear how others in the group see us. Most of the time we walk around blithely ignorant of our effect on those around us. It is when we leave that we find out. (If I had my way, that would be different.)

So, I will continue to participate in and, when the time is right, leave the wonderful supportive, and life-giving culture of groups.

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