(I have to say, I love that title!)

I was at a conference a couple weeks ago. During the break, I and many other women stood in the line waiting for three stalls. Someone in the front of me remarked that three stalls in a conference center is not enough. I silently agreed.

The next day I was at the same conference and I went into the bathroom again. This time I saw six other stalls.

What? Was I in a different bathroom? Did they magically build the new stalls overnight?

No. What was different was there was no line, with everyone oriented toward just three stalls. (To be fair, the set-up of the bathroom was not optimal and it was not easy to see the other six stalls. Still…)

I realized it would have taken one person to see beyond the spell of “line blindness” and to say “Hey, there are six other stalls we can use.” The line would have moved much faster. We all would have benefited.

Part of my work with families and individuals is to help break the spell of “this is how life works” so they see new ways to view and react to situations. When one person breaks the spell and makes a change, it is lovely to watch that change ricochet through-out the family. (I’m not saying the change is always welcomed by the other members. In general, we are not happy with change, even if it is healthy.)

The bathroom line reminded me of how powerfully our view of reality is influenced by those around us. More importantly, it reminded me of how one person can create a change that can help many.

So there you have it, how bathroom lines and therapy are related. (I am still proud of that title.)

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