Last week the third group for women over 40 who never had kids was completed. Each time this series ends, I leave my office with a sense of gratitude and a sense of loss.

I am grateful for the women who chose to participate, and the bravery it takes to make the decision to take part. I am awed by the creativity with which these women chose to live their lives; and I am heartened by the hope they have for their future, even when they hold grief, or confusion, or anger.

I also feel a sense of loss because I look forward to seeing them every week and hearing about their lives. Though the sessions, a container is created in which women share and bond. A connection is made, and then we disperse.

So I’ve made up my mind.

It is time to do what I’ve desired since the first group ended. I will now offer monthly drop-in groups for women over 40 who never had kids—to gather, share, and connect. It is open to women who have taken part in my groups, and to women who haven’t but are curious.

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