I’m sitting here in the sun, on a sunny morning in Seattle, with a cup of tea, a bit of Theo’s chocolate, and my cat. A moment of pure joy.

Soon I will head back inside to finish a project that has consumed my week. But for now, I will revel in this moment.

Many of the clients I work with live lives of high stress, especially those who care for relatives with dementia, or who live with chronic health issues themselves. I cannot fix the diseases for them. I cannot change the reality of living with a disease.

What I can do is help them remember what is still meaningful in their lives and work with them to make the space for what is important. It is the small actions we take which help us feel a sense of control, when much of our life feels out of control.

I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. After a long meeting with her doctor she took herself out to a nice restaurant for a lovely meal. She was celebrating herself and her bravery.

When we gift ourselves with those little moments, the good feelings they create spread into the rest of our day, and our lives.

So now I head back inside, to sit in front of my computer. I take the feeling of my moments in the sun with me.

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