In the past month, I learned that two people I greatly respect but don’t know very well, are moving out of town. Both of them I have wanted to get to know better, but I put off doing anything about it until I had more time.

Time’s up.

I am very good at putting things off. I was in graduate school for ten years. I honed putting things off until I had more time, more money, I graduated, etc., into a fine art. “Delayed gratification” became my middle name.

I have made great strides in breaking that pattern. The paperwork on my desk attests to that.

And two fine people moving out of town before I get a chance to know them, makes me realize I have some more striding to do.

I remember years ago when I was taking off in an airplane I thought “If I died today, what would I regret not doing?” It was getting in touch with a friend with whom I’d lost contact. That surprised me; I thought it would be about countries I hadn’t visited, or not having children, or something else really big. Calling an old friend is easy.

You can bet your boots I called her when I got home. (This was before cell phones became common.)

I invite you, dear reader, to look at where in your life you put things off that could enrich your life. They might be simpler than you think.

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