Those of you who don’t know me are probably not picking your jaw off the floor, as my friends likely are. After all, my motto in college was “writing is the bane of my life.”

Then I went on to get a Master’s (with a dissertation-length thesis.) Apparently, not yet having had enough of my bane, I pursued a PhD. I even published research articles after I got out of school, bitterly complaining about how much I don’t like to write the entire time I was doing all this writing. Just wacky.

So you may ask, “Jane, why then, are you writing a book?” That is a fabulous question!

Because I am excited about it. Because people keep saying “you should write a book.” Because the women in each group I run continue to inspire me with ideas. Because it is time to let more women know and benefit from the work I do.

So, periodically I will post blogs asking questions, soliciting stories, and checking out ideas. I may even gripe about my wacky decision to write a book.

Just giving you a heads-up, dear reader.

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