How many of you out there only slow down when you get sick? I know that is true for me. (Though I am still surprised when what I consider really busy people tell me they can’t believe how busy I am.) I said I was bored once last year and I shocked myself. I don’t think I’ve said that since I was in my 20’s. We are talking decades.

Low and behold, I got sick for a week at the end of March. I read two books, watched 5 movies, and still had plenty of pondering time. I hadn’t written anything for this blog in over two months. My “Musings” blog consists of thoughts I quickly right down when inspired. I need space to be inspired, and I hadn’t been giving myself that space.

After sitting around for a week, I came up with about 5 topics, many of which I have already posted.

The experience reminded me of the power of giving ourselves time—time to ponder, to rest, to grief, to play. When I give myself that time, I am continually surprised by the benefits I reap.

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